Converting White Street Landfill Gas to Energy in Greensboro

Published on July 8, 2019 by Structural Innovations in Structural Engineering

Job Profile: White street landfill gas to energy

Location: Greensboro, NC


Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting, PC was selected to perform engineering services on this landfill gas to energy project based on our strong experience in the power sector. The U.S. Department of Energy has supported landfill gas collection as an alternative to traditional energy sources (i.e. Natural gas, coal & nuclear). Landfills generate large amounts of methane gas during the decomposition of waste stored in the landfill. Normally, the methane leaches through the landfill and up into the atmosphere. Methane has been identified as one of the leading greenhouse gases. Turning landfill gas-to-energy is an effective way of recycling and reusing the potentially harmful methane exiting the landfill.

landfill gas energy project

At a landfill gas-to- energy site, the methane and other decomposing organic materials are collected from wells throughout the landfill. The gas is pulled from the wells where it can be used to power an electric generator. The electricity generated is then sold to local utilities where it is then distributed to nearby communities. In effect, this process uses local waste to generate electricity for the surrounding communities.

The White Street Gas to Energy project was for the city of Greensboro. Greensboro had previously distributed its collected methane to local mills. However, the local manufacturing base has been significantly reduced, leaving the city with a surplus of methane that it had to flare. Once complete, this gas-to-energy project will convert waste methane gas to 1.6 mega-watts of electricity usable on the local power grid. Partnering with a leading renewable energy company, Renew Petra, Structural Innovations was able to provide key engineering support to convert Greensboro’s methane to electricity.

Structural Innovations’ role on the project was to provide engineer of record services for both the structural and civil phases. The structural design services centered on providing foundation designs for key pieces of equipment and pre-engineered buildings. The civil engineering team was challenged with developing the site within the confines of the existing landfill.

Projects such as these are unique and rewarding; they provide us with an opportunity to enhance local communities through gains in efficiency and benefits to the environment. Structural Innovations has the experience and industry knowledge to be an asset to your team. Please contact us for your next industrial project.–

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