Industrial Design

industrial designHeavy industrial design sites are unique and require a special understanding and awareness of the systems and processes in operation at the site. The load demands placed on structures from the operations of an industrial facility can be extreme, and it takes a structural engineer with a broad understanding of engineering principles to successfully design for these demands.

Industrial Design Engineers

Our structural engineers have worked with teams of other mechanical, electrical and piping engineers to design facilities in the power, mining, oil and gas market segments. Our structural designs have included foundations for equipment, foundations supporting rotating equipment, pipe racks, pipe supports in existing facilities and access platforms required to service valves, instruments, etc… We understand no structural design is acceptable if it doesn’t service the needs of the men and women who have to work in and around it on a daily basis. Therefore, our structural engineers take a very active role in working with plant personnel to determine what their preferences are and ensure we incorporate them into the final design.

Structural Innovations has worked in a number of capacities. We have served as the consultant working directly with the owner, and we have worked with contractors in a design build relationship to install heavy equipment. From the initial planning to start-up and commissioning, Structural Innovations will stay committed through all phases of your project.

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