Seismic Design

Structural Innovations can prepare detailed seismic designs and analysis on a range of building components, mechanical and electrical equipment, storage racks and other items required to comply with the seismic anchorage requirements of the International Building Code (IBC). Many municipalities in the United States today are enforcing these requirements through the permit application process. Manufacturers and contractors are now required to include the seismic design calculations verifying the suitability of the component and component anchorage to resist seismic forces in their permit submittals.

seismic designSeismic activity imparts inertial forces on anything that has mass. Consequently, the larger the mass, the more inertial forces are exerted during a seismic event. Additionally, seismic activity is a dynamic event where waves of energy resulting from ground motion travel through the ground to the affected structures. The frequency of the waves generate inertial forces which act dynamically on a structure. Buildings and the components contained within along with non-building like structures such as equipment support frames need to be designed to resist, and in some cases dissipate, the effects of a seismic event to safeguard human life, maintain operation of a facility and increase long term durability of a structure.

Our team of engineers is well versed in the requirements of the International Building Code and referenced design standards (namely the American Society of Civil Engineers – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures commonly referred to as ASCE 7). ASCE 7 provides strict requirements for the seismic anchorage of architectural, mechanical and electrical components; storage racks within buildings; equipment support frames; pipe racks; tanks and towers in many regions of the country. In all cases, however, a structural engineer will need to perform a seismic analysis to ensure the appropriate requirements are incorporated into the design.

Structural Innovations can perform a seismic analysis for your components and equipment. We will submit design calculations in a report format on your behalf to obtain project and/or permit approval. Do not shy away from projects with seismic requirements. Let Structural Innovations work with you to develop the appropriate seismic anchorage for your storage rack, equipment or building component.

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