Commercial Design

commercial design

Our staff of structural engineers has designed a number of commercial design projects ranging from retail centers to office complexes to hotels. In the role of design engineer, we serve as the engineer of record preparing design specifications and drawings to meet the project requirements. We work with our clients starting in the initial planning stages of the project to select the appropriate structural systems and continue through the construction administration phase of the project.

Commercial Design Experience

Our project experience has included single story retail constructed of both masonry walls and concrete, concrete tilt panels with steel bar joists roof; multistory steel framed office buildings utilizing both braced frames and moment frames; and multistory hotel facilities constructed of light gage stud bearing walls supporting hollow-core concrete floor planks.

We pride ourselves in providing a high level of structural engineering service through the entire life of the project. We appreciate the opportunity to work as a part of the design time early in the project to ensure the appropriate structural system is selected, that the initial site studies capture the appropriate data required to successfully design the project and to assist in exploring value-engineering decisions that can have a substantial impact on the project. Our structural engineers work diligently through the design process to ensure the project is executed in a timely fashion and that the design is communicated across all disciplines of the design team. Finally, we actively participate through the construction phase of the project. Our main focus is to ensure that the design intent is maintained through project completion; any construction issues are resolved and do our part to ensure the project is constructed on time.

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