Recommendations from Structural Engineering Companies when Building in Charlotte, North Carolina  

Published on February 18, 2019 by Structural Innovations in Structural Engineering

Whether you are looking to construct a new home, office building, skyscraper, or industrial warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should consider these recommendations from Charlotte engineering companies to make sure that your project is feasible, and meets building regulations. The time has come for you to realize your vision of a building a new house for your family.  You have been eyeing what you think is the perfect plot of land in the best part of town for months, and you are ready to purchase the property and begin construction as soon as possible.

If you are not building a new home, maybe the company that you manage is poised to build a large warehouse or office building in the suburbs.  Perhaps you are even solely responsible for locating a large piece of property upon which this expansive structure can be safely fabricated, and stand for years to come with little-required maintenance.

Although these types of aforementioned situations occur frequently, they require Charlotte engineering companies‘ expertise and recommendations in order to plan, design, and fabricate these structures so that they last for hundreds of years to come.  Even though there are several different classifications of engineers involved in planning for and erecting new structures, the following recommendations from Charlotte geotechnical and structural engineering companies are crucial to the building process.

Charlotte Engineering Companies Recommend:

A Geotechnical Survey

The first—and perhaps the most important—recommendation that structural engineering companies in Charlotte, North Carolina make is to find a plot of land that is suitable for erecting a building.  A number of factors influence site selection with one key factor being the quality of the soils present on the site.  The foundation system utilized to support a structure will depend upon the types of soils present on a given site.

The first step to understanding the nature of soils on a site is to hire a licensed geotechnical engineer.  Geotechnical engineers investigate the types of soils present and will complete a number of tests to determine the overall bearing capacity of the soils.  Sometimes, soils will have a substantially low bearing capacity not making them suitable to support a structure on conventional foundations.  In these situations, a geotechnical engineer may recommend an alternate foundation system such as piers that extend down through the poor soils to bedrock or hard, stiff soil located below the poor layer of soil.

Once a geotechnical engineer has completed their investigation, they will produce a written report of findings.  It is critical to share this report with your structural engineer.  Structural engineering companies will use the geotechnical engineering recommendations and design an appropriate foundation for your house, office building, or warehouse using exact material specifications—ensuring that your structure is strong, sturdy, and safe for hundreds of years to come.

Charlotte Engineering Companies Recommend:

Familiarity with Building Regulations

Along with consulting with Charlotte engineering companies to determine whether or not your selected plot of land has a soil foundation that is safe and sturdy for construction, you can also work with structural engineering companies to design your new house, office building, skyscraper, or warehouse to code.  Charlotte engineering companies recommend working with a team of structural engineers who have been familiar with North Carolina building regulations and code for years in order to expedite the construction process.

Not only does working with a structural engineering company ensure that your new building is designed and constructed as efficiently as possible, it also makes sure that the newly erected home or commercial building is safe for the people who will eventually occupy it.  You can create a strong, stable structure without having to second guess if it will meet state building and safety requirements by hiring a structural engineering company that is familiar with the North Carolina building code.

Although Charlotte engineering companies recommend consulting with a team of structural engineers who are able to design your new structure in accordance with North Carolina building regulations, it is also recommended—and important—that you research and read through the North Carolina building code, too.

Why is it important to become relatively familiar with the building code?  Simply because reading through the rules and regulations can help you understand what is happening during the construction process.  You can recognize why the structural engineering company has designed the building a certain way, why a specific type of material is being used in a particular area of the building, and much more.  You can also learn about the types of permits that you need to have on hand in order to erect a new structure, the fees you can expect to pay before, during, and after the building process, and the duties of building inspectors who may come to visit your property throughout the construction timeline.

Our Best Recommendation

 The best recommendation that Charlotte engineering companies offer when building a new structure in North Carolina is to get in touch with a local engineering firm.  If you are ready to discuss plans for constructing your new home, office building, skyscraper, or industrial warehouse, give a structural engineer company like Structural Innovations a call today at (704)-837-0337.



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