Structural Engineer New York

structural engineer new yorkStructurally speaking, New York is one of the most iconic states in the nation. From the skyline of the “Concrete Jungle” that is New York City, to the power stations of Niagara Falls, some of the greatest designs from brilliant structural engineers have been accomplished in the state of New York.

New York presents a wide variety of interesting opportunities that allow our top structural engineering firm to demonstrate what we do best – provide innovative, structural solutions. The nature of projects in New York is constantly shifting. Sometimes we are sought out to upgrade and repair complex industrial buildings. Other projects call our attention to commercial buildings that are continuously receiving new demands from tenants. Our robust suite of services helps satisfy all of our clients’ needs from structural renovations to new structural engineering designs.

For our top structural engineering firm to keep delivering the results-oriented services our clients depend on, our licensed structural engineers in New York are all refreshed on the latest New York State Building Codes. These codes govern both residential and non-residential construction projects. As these codes continue to evolve and change, it’s the job of our experienced professionals to guide advise our clients on solutions that meet the New York State Building Code requirements and are cost effective.

If you have questions for our structural engineers, or would like to start a project today, contact our licensed structural engineers in New York! We would be happy to hear from you!

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