Structural Engineer Washington

Over the years of serving the state of Washington, our team at Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting, PC has had opportunities to work on several different types of projects from renovations to completely new constructions. When a client works with our licensed structural engineers in Washington, they are coming to an experienced individual that is prepared to complete any type project pertaining to structural engineering in Washington.

The state of Washington is home to many iconic structures including the Seattle Space Needle and the Grand Coulee dam.    It was a great honor for many of our staff to provide structural engineering support on the recent refurbishment of the Grand Coulee dam.  Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting has served Washington since our inception.  Our structural engineering company has developed a comprehensive range of services and expertise that would be well suited for any project you may have in Washington State.

Our structural engineers have an in depth knowledge of the Washington State Building Code.    The building code gives detailed requirements all structures must be designed for to meet the environmental demands experienced in Washington including high wind, snow and seismic events.  Our structural engineers understand these requirements and will develop cost effective solutions to satisfy them on your project.

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