Structural Innovation’s 10th Anniversary in Structural Engineering Services

Published on September 10, 2018 by Structural Innovations in Structural Engineering

A leader in structural engineering services, Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting, PC is happy to announce it’s 10th anniversary. Structural Innovations was founded in 2008, and we’ve been providing high level structural engineering services ever since. Over those 10 years, much has changed. Shortly after our company was founded, the nation’s economy rapidly contracted in the worst recession in US history. Our commitment to providing reliable and innovative structural engineering services to our clients helped see us through those dark days and lead to our growth in the industry as the nation’s economy and our home market of Charlotte, North Carolina rapidly expanded. Our service footprint now extends beyond Charlotte to markets across the United States including the West Coast, Sunbelt region, Northeast and Midwest. Our company serves our clients by providing forensic structural inspections and structural engineering design services.

Structural Engineering Forensic Consulting Services
Structural Innovations began by providing forensic consulting services to individuals and businesses based primarily in the Charlotte metropolitan region. Our forensic services now cover projects regardless of location. We provide residential structural inspections in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. These structural engineering services are provided primarily to homeowners, investors and lenders and address common structural issues such as foundation settlement; damage resulting accidents and/or storms; interior renovations and additions. In addition to residential structural inspections, we provide structural inspections for commercial buildings and industrial facilities across the United States. Our structural inspections are intended to help owners diagnose and properly maintain/repair their facilities and prospective owners/investors assess the condition of assets they plan to purchase.

Structural Engineering Design Services
In addition to forensic consulting services, Structural Innovations has been providing structural engineering design services since our inception. Our staff has a diverse background that allows us to serve the residential, commercial and heavy industrial markets. We provide structural engineering services in a wide array of design areas including, but not limited to, the following:

Structural Innovations has extensive experience in the light and heavy industrial sector. We work with plant owners to provide new equipment foundation design; modifications to existing building; and development of greenfield sites. We have extensive experience in the power generation market including combined cycle power plants, plant betterment projects at existing coal plants, and renewable engineering plants such as solar and landfill gas to energy.

Our commercial design experience spans a wide sector of the economy and includes retail, healthcare and institutional projects.  We can serve as engineer of record or provide specialty engineering services such as light gauge steel design.

Our residential design services cover both single and multi-family homes. We provide full designs for new construction, additions and renovations.

Our Engineers
Our structural engineering services would be nothing without our engineers. As one of the few structural engineering companies in Charlotte, NC, you can bet our engineers are well-versed in a variety of areas. With product experience ranging from healthcare facilities to industrial and entertainment equipment, we are equipped to take any project to the next level, whether it be a design, inspection, or consulting service. As a team, we have seen great success in our projects throughout all markets, local through national, across North America. Our engineers take great pride in what they do and urge anyone who needs structural engineering services to reach out to see how they can help.

Looking forward, Structural Innovations Engineering & Consulting, PC is excited about the future. We are forever grateful to our existing clients and look forward to providing reliable and innovative structural engineering services to future clients. Please contact us today to see how our innovative team of engineers can add value to your project!

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