Reclaim The Empty Space of A Vaulted Ceiling
Published on February 13, 2018 by Structural Innovations in Structural Design

A common building trend extending from the 1990’s and into the 2000’s was to create large open spaces in homes.  This typically resulted in two-story open Foyers and Dens which gave a sense of spaciousness and volume.  While aesthetically pleasing, two-story vaulted ceilings can represent a lost opportunity.  Through the years, homeowners have realized the […]

Structural Steel Solutions: Your Innovative Building Systems
Published on April 27, 2015 by Structural Innovations in Structural Design

Structural steel is highly popular in developed countries and commonly utilized for commercial and industrial structures; its use in the residential arena is increasing. Utilization of steel has proven to be more sustainable, affordable and flexible than concrete. Our structural engineers are adept at designing with structural steel for all types of structures. Structural Steel […]

Common Types of Failures in a Steel Structure
Published on January 7, 2015 by Structural Innovations in Structural Design

Structural engineers design buildings and other structures to resist a wide variety of forces. The different types of forces include the mass of the contents of the structure including the structure itself; transient forces from the occupancy of the structure (i.e. people moving inside the structure, equipment operating inside the structure, etc…); and environmental forces […]